Imipenem cilastatin sodium for injection

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Imipenem cilastatin sodium for injection

【Drug Name】

Generic name: imipenem-cilastatin sodium for injection

【Properties】 This product is white to slightly yellow powder.

[Ingredients] This product is a compound preparation with the components: imipenem and cilastatin.

[Pharmacological action]

This broad-spectrum β-lactam antibiotic has a strong ability to inhibit bacterial cell wall synthesis and kills most Gram-positive and Gram-negative aerobic and anaerobic pathogens.


This product is suitable for mixed infection caused by a variety of pathogens and aerobic / anaerobic bacteria, as well as early treatment before the pathogen is not determined.


This product is supplied in the form of intravenous drip. The total daily dose depends on the type and severity of the infection, and the total dose of the day is considered to be administered to the patient in equal parts according to the sensitivity of the pathogen, the renal function and the body weight of the patient.

[Specifications] (1) 0.5g (2) 1.0g (3) 2.0g

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